Osechi Food


“Osechi” food  …


Osechi is specially prepared New year’s food, beautifully arranged in lacquer boxes. Many of the delicacies inside are named in hopes for the families health and prosperity. The mail dishes are colorful vegetables, fish, black beans, and so on..

Common dishes are Kuromame( black soy beans), Kurikinton (mashed sweet potato with sweet chestnuts),Kazunoko (herring roe),Kinpira Gobo (burdok),Renkon (Lotus roots) shrimp are often used ingredients.

Also various Zouni (mochi rice cake soup) are commonly eaten during holidays! Zouni is depends on prefecture, taste is so much different… In my hometown, based soup is by soy source.

Traditionally people finish preparing osechi dishes by New Years Eve so that they have food for a couple days!

Definitely I would like to try make “Osechi” on this coming new year!  yah~


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