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Scalp massge & Hair loss treatment   (60min)

Scalp massage will help improve blood circulation around the scalp area, which is vital for ensuring

 optimum hair growth. If done properly, it can reduce stress levels, increase blood flow to the hair follicles

and promote an overall feeling of relaxation. It can also open up the blood vessels to promote blood flow,

increasing the amount of nutrients available for turnover and hair growth.

The massage technique aids to manipulate the soft tissues in your shoulders, neck and scalp.

This treatment is incredibly calming, revitalizing, uplifting and rewarding.

☆★The techniques used can help to★☆

☆Reduce hair loss and greying

☆Reduce damage, dandruff and odour

☆Relax taut and uncomfortable muscles

☆Ease stiffness

☆Increase blood flow to the head, neck and shoulders

☆Drain away excess toxins

☆Relieve headaches and eye stain

☆Relax and soothe

☆Encourage health growth and functioning of the hair

Please feel free to ask us anytime! 😀

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