AOI’s Precision Dry Cut.

Precision Dry Cut is one of the newest cutting technique the Japanese hair industries has recently come up with, and it was invented to maintain your beautiful hair with easy dailystyling.  Just as it sounds, despite the ordinary hair cutting while our hair is wet with water sprays, with this Precision Dry Cut method, our AOI’s skillful stylists keep your hair completely dry while they cut your hair.  With the dry hair, our stylists can get to know more about your hair patterns, volume, and natural tendencies, thus, our stylists can come up with more details of what your hair tends to be while your hair is dry in your daily lives.  Needless to say, it isn’t a simple technique, and a lot of determination and training will be required to be able to achieve this Precision Dry Cut.  Our AOI’s skillful stylists are well trained and talented to performe this Precision Dry Cut, and we proudly recommend you to try out this new invention of ours where you can only experience at AOI.  The main feature technique requied for this Precision Dry Cut is, our AOI stylists cut your hair taking piece by piece on certain areas which our stylists call it ”creation of  the scalpture art” rather than boring look by cutting hair by bundles of it.

If you never happy with the Hair cut,try our Dry cut!!


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