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I found a new art on facebook. Some of my friends went there and they added the aquarium pictures!
The picture made me want to go there!!! Such a beautiful art!


ART AQUARIUM EXHIBITION ~Edo・Coolness of Kingyo~

This exhibition is totally new with the collaboration of good old Edo period atmosphere, modern technology, and the kingyo.  The huge kingyobachi “Oiran” where over 1,000 kingyo elegantly swims. The “Four Seasons Aquarium” which is using projection mapping on the aquarium where carps swim.  “Byouburium” using motion graphics projection of flower and birds, making kingyo shadows.  Works such as these, collaboration of aquarium tank and kingyo makes an extraordinary world.  The new works are added to the very popular classic art works and space composition and performance changes every single year.


The Four Seasons Aquarium

It is huge 8 meter work where the real “nishikigoi(carp)” swims in the Japanese four seasons which are projected by projection mapping. The work that reminds you of Japanese garden also reproduced beautifully the scenery reflecting on the pond. It can be said it is the greatest work of “cool Japan art” using nishikigoi and the four seasons which are the attractiveness of Japan to be proud of to the world.





Elegance Dance by gorgeous kingyo

It is the river from brightened up by many kingyo.








From the goldfish swimming inside and the graphic made from the lace on the side, it creates the complex shadow that continuously changes which brings out the new attractiveness of the goldfish.
Motif being “andon” which is the traditional Japanese light, it can be said this work is the compilation of the thought, lighting by aquarium






 This is one of my favorite pic! What a beautiful picture, isn’t it? And also I was impressed by japanese old traditional beauty.






520 Beatty st Vancouver BC
cross town

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