That’s how to get a healthy skin!:)

10 Foods for better skin🙂


This creamy, green fruit is abundant in essential oils and B-complex vitamins that nourish your skin, inside and out.

Niacin (vitamin B3) is especially important for healthy skin, and avocados contain lots of it. Niacin, an anti-inflammatory, soothes irritated skin and red, blotchy skin. One avocado has 3.8 mg niacin – 27% of your daily need.


Mangoes have more than 80% of your daily requirements for vitamin A, which is why they’re such a great face food. Vitamin A maintains and repairs skin cells; a deficiency will result in a dry, flaky complexion.


Not only is it a gorgeous shape for your eyes, almonds are also great for your complexion. With 150% of your daily need for vitamin E, it’s no wonder that getting a bit nutty is good for you.

Acerola Cherries

As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights skin damage and wrinkles.


The mineral affects sebum production, a deficiency may contribute to acne.
Zinc also helps boost elastin (the skin’s elastic protein) production with the help of vitamin C.

Baked Potatoes

A plump, steaming baked potato is good for your skin.

This essential mineral works with vitamin C and zinc to produce the elastin fibers that support skin structure.


This fungus isn’t just for soup; it’s rich in riboflavin, a B vitamin that’s vital to your skin.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is involved in tissue maintenance and repair, and improves skin blemishes caused by rosacea.

Flaxseed Oil アマニ油

It’s no secret that omega 3s are great for your skin, but did you know that flaxseed oil is one of the best sources of this essential fatty acid? That’s great news if you’re not a fish-lover.

Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽

it’s actually just the embryo within a grain of wheat, and it’s nutritious. Wheat germ is a good source of biotin, a B vitamin that’s crucial to skin health. 

      Also, I would try to use the avocado and flaxceed oil mask!! Some make for great facial masks too.

1. Mash one whole avocado.

2. Add 1 teaspoon flaxseed oil and 1 teaspoon honey.

3. Mix together until smooth and creamy.

4. Apply to face and let sit for 15-20 minutes.

5. Rinse  with warm water.



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