Can I still get Japanese Hair Straightening even if I have highlights?

Highlights can be very tricky. When hair is highlighted, usually bleach is involved. This can make the timing judgement very difficult because some hairs are lightened right next to hair that is not lightened. Therefore the hair may process faster where highlights are present and need much more time where the hair is dark and unprocessed. In order not to over process the light hair, the solution should be to rinse out and the darker, healthier hair may not take. A prior consultation with your stylist is strongly recommended to determine wether Japanese Hair Straightening will be a applicable for those with highlighted hair.

We are using the most gentle products which imported from Japan. so, if anything there is a concern, Please feel free to come visit us for FREE consultation! 

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2 Responses to Can I still get Japanese Hair Straightening even if I have highlights?
  1. Shaelyn
    February 29, 2012 | 3:07 pm

    Is it safe to get hair highlighted after the straightening? Either a week or months after?

    • AOI Beauty Studio
      March 16, 2012 | 6:26 pm

      Dear Shaelyn,
      Thank you for asking us.
      It really depend on what kind of highlight did you get it, then it will be defferent result.

      If you have highlighted by Bleach,highly we do not recommend you do Japanese straightening.
      Even after a week or more we do not recommend you.
      I mean as long as you have bleach part of hair which will get high damage and it will make your hair melt.
      Without bleach,we can help you.
      If you need more information or want to do Japanese straightening,we do free consultation.
      So, Anytime you can come by and feel free to ask us!

      we locate in 520 Beatty St,Vancouver,BC.

      AOI Beauty Studio

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