Check out the new styling Items!

I am trying to introduce some latest products for the Spring!

As always,the time flies so fast,so we need to catch up latest styles!

“The moment of embellishing and / or protecting the surface.

The surface of the styling you just created, to keep it, to live it, to enjoy it!

Keep your look lasting; fix it with these incredible products. Divided into 2 different groups, shine & fix! finish the process of creativity, keep it strong and unique!”

GLAMOUR QUEEN     ~ Spray Wax ~


* Special hairspray for extremely voluminous hair styles.
* Fast drying water-free formula.
* Innovative aerosol trigger pump for precise targeting.
* Gives body directly where the maximum effect is needed ヨ at the roots and also all over.

Styling tip

* Fix the volume, by spraying OSiS Glamour Queen directly on the root area. The hairspray can be targeted to fix any back-combing thus ensuring long lasting volume.

Please come visit and check it! If you have any question, just let us know!


AOI Beauty Studio & Esthetics Ltd. 604-688-2122 520 Beatty St. Vancouver BC Located in Crosstown Downtown


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