Christmas Turkey.

I made a Christmas Turkey that was my first time to cook it.

OMG,it took 6 hours but it was pretty good.

I asked so many my clients to how do i cook it.

Japanese,we eat KFC on Christmasday.

I know it is funny culture but for us this is the most common Christmas food.

I read the news and that discrived KFC Japan, they got new sales record this Christmas time only 3 days they sold $5.7 million.

Maybe i will buy the KFC next Christmas.

I really had good Christmas thisyear with my friends and family.

Next party will be on New year!!

Does anyone ready yet?

Come to AOI and try new look for last minute 2011!!



AOI Beauty Studio

520 Beatty St,Vancouver,V6B2L3


Located Cross town


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