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Color Enhancement


Color is a popular choice when you are contemplating changing your look.
Whether you want to make a bold statement or fine tune your natural beauty, this service provides versatility.

Color Enhancement by Schwarzkopf Professional

Why Salon Color?
Our color not only has conditioning agents, but opens the cuticle very minimally in order to deposit the molecules which results in more shine and less tangle.  This also results in less fading and longer lasting, more vibrant shades.  Another reason to use professional color is its ability to cover resistant grey that drug store hair dye cannot. 

Where to Start?
A great source for color inspiration comes from magazines, the internet and even your friends.  Color is constantly evolving and new techniques are introduced every season.  Bringing a picture in for you color consultation will ensure that your technician has a “feel” for the look you want to achieve.

What Suits my Individual Look?
Skin tone and eye color guide you towards your best shade.  First determine if you are “cool” or “warm toned.”  You are cool if you have fair skin and blue or green eyes.  Avoid gold, yellow or red tones in your hair color as they will make you look sallow.  You are warm if you have golden, olive or dark skin and brown eyes.  Avoid hair colors with tinges of blue, violet or white, as well as jet-black, any of which will wash out your complexion.  

At AOI Beauty Studio we provide a thorough consultation to discuss maintenance, home care, budget, skin tone, eye color, seasonal changes and hair health.  After the free consultation, we can decide the best approach to suit your individual hair needs.

Help!  Home Color Disasters
The most common mistakes after coloring your hair at home is it becomes too orange/brassy or unnaturally dark.  Trying to correct this at home could create a bigger problem and damage your hair’s health.  Our professional color technician is well equipped for these emergencies.  A consultation is absolutely necessary to discuss price and assess the damage you’ve already caused.

Blonde Bombshells 
Everyone should try blonde at least once in their life.  Achieving the perfect shade of blonde for your skin tone is a true art.  Even more difficult is creating a multi-dimensional blonde that will grow out beautifully.  At AOI Beauty Studio, our technicians specialize in ALL the hottest blondes from golden sunrise to crystal flash.

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