color save shampoo by schwarzkopf


This shampoo and conditioner are available now with this size(500ml), and also price is as same as 250ml size one!!!! Its really good deal and these are limited products! Please come to get it to our hair salon!!



For vibrant color even after 30 washes, New BC Color save delivers up to 90% color retention, even after 30 wahse. Its color save complex prolongs the color intensity and protects the hair structure effectively against UV rays. For strong, replenished hair, full of suppleness and shine.



UV FILTER: external influences, such as rays of ultra violet light from sun have the ability to dilute a color result over the time, therefore, any color treated hair needs extra protection in order to maintain its subtle shimmer. Care products, that are enhanced with a UV filter help conserve the color, without overburdening the hair.


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