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AOI Beauty & Hair Salon in Vancouver BC

Introducing The Latest Hot Techniques From Japan…

  • AOI Japanese Hair Straightening System
  • The Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hairstyle!
  • Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning
  • Japanese Braid Hair Extensions
  • Our Famous AOI Precision Dry Cut
  • Highlightening/Foil
  • Henna Coloring

AOI Beauty & Hair Salon, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a Full Service Hair Salon that specializes in International Hair Styling techniques performed by stylists trained internationally.

We employ Japanese staff at our hair salon who are trained in the latest Japanese and international hair techniques.

Our employees’ English may not be perfect, but the art of exceeding clients expectations in both quality and memorable service “Omotenashi”-Japaneses Hospitality at a AOI hair salon is sure to amaze you.

We import directly from Japan. Any material not available in North America for our hair salon is to ensure the highest quality coloring, hair straightening, and perming.

We have your hair under control for you, regardless of whether you are wanting:

  • Liscio Hair Straightening (Sedu Hairstyle)
  • Shiseido Crystallizing Hair Straightening (Sedu Hairstyle)
  • Straight Perm
  • Hair Straightening Retouch
  • Japanese Hair Straightening
  • Thermal reconditioning
    Thermal reconditioning is a revolutionary Japanese Straightening treatment that uses heart to restructure the cycteine bonds in your hair so the hair lines straighte,giving you glossy, smooth, shiny straight hair.

This treatment has been featured in just about every fashion magazin in the world
Elle, In style, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Claire, Marie, Vogue, Allure, Oprah



AOI Beauty Studio & Esthetics Ltd.
520 Beatty Street Vancouver, BC