Electro Swing.

I found my favorite music which is Electro Swing.

I have never listen to this kind of music before but it is pretty and catchy melody line.

Electro Swing is a musical genre fusing swing styles with house production techniques, with influences from other forms of EDM. Contemporary artists of the genre incorporate loops, samples, melodies and styles from the Swing, Jazz and Big Band era such as Django ReinhardtCab Callowayand Benny Goodman to create new, more club friendly and accessible compositions. Leading artists include Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace.

The genres are connected with a revival of swing dances like the Lindy hop, the popularity of Neo-Burlesque and the resurgence in an appreciation of vintage fashion and culture in mainstream society, championed by style icons Dita Von Teese and successful television shows like Boardwalk Empire.

This sounds makes me keep moving.

I think i am getting into this more and more.



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