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~ Before using a hair dryer ~


How to use the dryer. When drying with a hair dryer, you can create a natural flow by drying in the order of neck muscles → back of the head → around the ears → top → bangs . In order not to expose it to excessive hot air (overdrying), make sure to order and dry it evenly.

By using the hand opposite to the one holding the dryer as a guide and drying it with a little tension, you can get a natural luster and control the hair flow.

First , switch the dryer to “weak warm air” . The point is “heat with warm air and cool with cold air”. It can be freely changed in shape by deforming it by heating and fixing it by cooling it . And by making it a weak wind, it prevents turbulence due to wind pressure and sudden heating.
Volume DWON: Apply the air from the dryer from the root to the tip of the hair while keeping the flow from the hair flow without going against the hair flow.
Volume U P: After drying, pick up the part you want to create volume with your fingers and raise the hair at the root firmly. After heating with a dryer, keep it lifted until it cools for a while.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Don’t forget to “heat and cool” with “warm and weak wind”.

Curl style

If you want to get a firm curl, it is recommended to apply a perm in advance.

The important thing in perm styling is to dry it so as not to break the curl.

Styling to lift your hair and gently squeeze it.

You can twist your hair with your fingers and dry it!

You can also get a firm curl and a feeling of bunch by wrapping the ends of the hair with an iron.

It is also recommended to use a diffuser.

How to apply wax

(1) Take soybean-sized wax on the palm of your hand.
(2) Apply wax firmly between your fingers.
(3) Rub both hands on your hands until the wax color disappears.
(4) Apply
wax from the root to the tip of the hair (5) Apply wax from the root to the tip of the hair to raise the hair.
(6) Only for long hair, turn the tip of the hair in the direction you want to style.
(7) Finally, apply the bangs with the wax left between your hands so that you can grab the hair.

How to use a curling iron

1 Let it dry thoroughly. (Never use a trowel when wet, your hair will die)

2 Apply a small amount of styling product. (Protects the hair, improves the effect of heat, and makes a beautiful curl in a short time)

3 Wrap in from the position of one-third of the tip of the hair.

After 4 rolls, apply a styling product on top of it, and apply a curl-keeping spray to finish.

Based on the above, you can always get the same curl and minimize the damage.

Once you learn the professional ironing technique, you can do it in a really short time, so please practice it several times and learn it!