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I’m really interested in this store, because lot of men’s care about hair loss. When I have chance to go to Japan next time, I’ll definitely check this store!!

And also, we are offering scalp massage & hair loss treatment in esthetic room! You can be relax and improve your blood circulation!!
Please try out our special massage!! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!!!

Men’s personal care and hair products are big business in Japan and spending by male consumers rose by 3.6% in 2009, accompanied by a proliferation of new deodorant products and brands like Shiseido showing men how to make their hair look funky.

At the Pro Tec Cafe you can try out the brush and other products in the series (shampoos, sprays etc), as well as get advice from a hair stylist expert. If you turn up with your wife or loved one you can even enjoy the Pro Tec experience in true romantic style, with your partner applying the brush to your locks and giving you a loving head massage.

Japan has quite a tradition of this kind of “healthcare” service — there are already plenty of mimikaki ear-cleaning parlors out there for salarymen who want their canal needs tended to with a sort of maternal counseling dimension added on. Whatever cultural implications might be drawn from this slightly chauvinistic set-up, it certainly makes for an interesting tryvertising experiment, with consumers retaining more investment in the product for it being a mutual “couple” experience enjoyed together.


AOI  Beauty Studio & Esthetics Ltd.
520 Beatty St Vancouver B.C.
Cross town

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