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Henna Color

    What is “HENNA”?

–          Henna is a plant, lawsonia inermis. Henna leaves have been used as a hair dye for thousands of years in North Africa, the Arabiam Peninsula, the Levant and South Asia.

Henna hair dyes that are made with 100% natural henna can only create red or orange color in your hair. Henna is very often used as a conditioner and natural hair color by many who want a lustrous shine in their hair. Being a natural product with absolutely no chemicals, Henna can be used by almost everyone for coloring hair without any drastic side-effects. Since Henna is a natural conditioner, it will give your hair a very long- lasting shine as well as a silky texture. You can also use Henna to cover any gray hair.

Henna dye also blocks UV to prevent sun damage, strengthens your hair so it will not get split ends, makes your hair glossy and shiny, and eliminates dandruff and ringworms.

Henna makes hair sleek and shiny, and repairs damage from chemical processing!!

Q & A

Q: What is henna good for?

A: According to Henna for Hair: Henna is a natural colorant, a hair strengthener, and has other benefits such as reduction of dandruff.

Q: Will henna change my hair color?

A: If you have dark hair, henna will give it a red tint. It doesn’t lighten your hair color. It will color grays a reddish-orange or red color. People with lighter hair will get more noticeable results. The tint in my hair has gotten more intense with repeated uses but you can only see it in the sun or under certain lights.

Q: Can I Henna after a perm?

A: Yes. We suggest that you wait for one week. This will ensure that the entire chemical residue is removed prior to doing the Henna application.

Q: How often can I use Henna?

A: Henna can be used on any type of hair every 4 weeks. If color fades quicker than 4-6 weeks it is safe to re-apply sooner.

Q: Can I use a Chemical Dye or Bleach over hair with Henna on it?

A: No. You must first remove the Henna coating from the hair shaft. The Henna coating is naturally removed after 2-3 weeks of regular shampooing. If Henna was applied less than 2-3 weeks before, see removal instructions below.

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