Hinamatsuri Doll’s Festival is coming soon!



March 3rd is happy doll’s festival day for girls in Japan!

People display a set of dolls and pray for the sound  growth of girls in the family. There’re  graceful dolls in ancient court costumes on a tier of  5 or 7 shelves covered  with scarlet cloth. People expect to be as elegant as these courtly ladies for girls:)

Also young girls wear Kimono and eat sweet rice crackers in front of the display with friends, family. People       eat traditional food “chirashizushi” (sushi rice topped with raw fish. Family with young daughters play for their health and happiness every year.     Hina doll’s should be put away after March 3rd, otherwise girls will have trouble getting married…. When I was child, my mom used to put away the dolls on April.. oh, I realize that..

Anyways, hope all girls have a great day on “Hinamatsuri” day. It turns around one year since the disaster of earthquake on March 11. May all the people be happy and health from my heart.



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