INSTAGRAM made a real Camera finally.

A design company called ADR Studio has unveiled its concept for an actual Instagram camera which prints its own user-edited photographs. The aim is to cross over the popular filtering and social sharing app found on Apple iPhone and recently Android smartphones with the classic Polaroid self-printing camera and its creators have set up a campaign seeking funds to make this imaginative gadget an actual marketable product!

The front of the Instagram Socialmatic camera is based on the familiar Instagram logo only this one has real lens, LED flash and traditional camera features all present. On the back is a generous viewer/touchscreen which displays the image the camera captures as well as presenting the Instagram and Facebook apps through a unique operating system called InstaOS.

The camera of course features a Polaroid inspired self-printing function with adhesive-backed photos produced from the side of the device, so you can go through the same motions as you would with your smartphone – Shoot the perfect photo, edit with the range of cool filtering tools then choose to share socially or keep a copy for your wall or album. And there’s storage enough to carry 16GB worth of snaps and data with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth included for connectivity as well as a QR code reader.

I can’t wait to get this one!!


520 Beatty St,Vancouver


Locate in Cross Town

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