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Intensive Hair Treatment

AOI Intensive Japanese Hair Treatment

We always import the latest materials and techniques from Japan to get the best results for all hair types.

*Three step treatment

This three-step treatment is most effective for dry, split ends and hair damaged by repeated chemical treatment.

This treatment can restore the hair’s moisture, oil content and protein.

By replenishing the core of the hair rather than the surface, we can ensure that you will notice an improvement in further maintenance.

*First step – Reinforce the base of the hair with protein-based polymer.

*Second step – Replenish the oil content and moisture of the hair, creating a natural softness

*Third step – Replenish lighter nutrients to restore the hair’s shine and smoothness.

“There is no such thing as bad hair; there is only poorly treated hair”

AOI offers a comprehensive product line for hair and scalp problems.  The line is divided into clearly coded categories to assist you in selecting the proper program for your hair’s specific needs.

Treatments for:Dry Hair
Ultra-Dry Hair
Color-Treated or Permed Hair
All Hair Types
Fine & Limp Hair
Frequent Use
Thinning Hair
Lifeless Hair
Sensitive Scalp
Oily Scalp

Whatever your Hair or Scalps Issue, AOI Beauty Studio can help and has the products from all over the world to Save your hair.

You must come in for a consultation for some products and treatments first!  Call in advance to let us know your particular issue!

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