Jiro dreams of sushi!

I went to watch the movie that is “Jiro Dreams of sushi” last week! This movie is a Japanese documentary on Jiro Ono, the 85 year old master sushi chef at ” sukibashi Jiro”, which is the only restaurant with three Michelin stars located in Tokyo.

There is one thing on the menu” the omakase meal” which basically means you trust the chef to choose your courses for you according to what is fresh that day.

The Jiro’s restaurant boasts a one- month waiting list and a minimum meal cost of 30,000 yen (approximately $365 CAD). It is pretty pricy but It would be very valuable.

The movie goes through the incredibly comprehensive process and hard work that goes into everything served at Sukiyabashi Jiro.

Also, this movie shows how beautiful food can be and the dedication that’s required to expose all the subtleties and flavors from otherwise simple ingredients of fish and rice.

If you are interested in sushi, I highly recommend this! I’d love to try this place!!


There is their website ↓↓↓ Please check it out:)






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