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Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Vancouver, BC, Canada

Laser Hair Removal

  1. Are you a Candidate?
  2. Common Treatment Areas for Men and Women
  3. How Does it Work?
  4. What can you Expect during and After Treatment?
  5. What are Realistic Expectations?
  6. The Risks and More common side effects of treatment
  7. Before and After Pictures

Clinical Quality, Spa Atmosphere, Friendly Technicians is 2 minutes away from the the Stadium SkyTrain station right in Downtown Vancouver, BC.  Located within AOI Beauty Studio and Esthetics Ltd., our “combined energy” technology is the latest and most effective for permanent laser hair removal of all hair colors from all skin types.

Imagine, no more Unwanted Hair like:

  1. Woman’s Facial Hair
  2. Bikini Line
  3. Hairy Legs
  4. Hairy Underarms
  5. Hairy Back

What Makes different from other Permanent Laser Hair Removal places?

We provide Clinical Quality permanent laser hair removal treatments in a Luxurious Spa Setting allowing you to relax and even enjoy your treatments.

We utilize the latest “Combined Energy” technology allowing your treatment to be odor and pain free.

Our technicians are professional yet friendly to ensure your experience is enjoyable.

Finally we utilize a super “mini-chiller”, that applies a nice cool stream of air over your treatment area further adding to your comfort.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pictures

Click here to see a selection of Before and after pictures of Laser Hair Removal

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