Luna New Year!

Happy New Year again! This is the Luna New Year,and from now on, the time is getting longer,it feels like season is changing..

So,it is nice to have a good change for the new season!

There are many different hair highlight styles popular today. Here are some examples of popular highlight styles.

There are dozens of hair highlight style to choose from. How do you know the best way to highlight your hair?

 We personally prefer the guidance of an expert. One of the simplest ways to recommend appropriate colors to blend in with your natural hair, and help you change your highlights to match your moods or even the season.

I introduce 2 of those techniques today.

* Foil highlighting- Foil highlighting is a traditional way to highlight hair naturally. Foil highlights allow you to add texture and body to your hair by adding small section of color to specific strands of hair.

* Block coloring- Block coloring is less of highlight technique and more of a means to color large section of hair a single color.

Lately, People are into “Ombre” color is slightly transformed by Block coloring.

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