“Natural Styling”

Having trouble styling wavy hair or Perm style..? Here is a good solution how to make it better! In Summer, somehow. people want to have more layer and wave style, looks more active, good style on beach.. ;

This is a good products for styling especially wave perm style and curly Hair!

Schwarzkopf Professional “natural styling shaping mousse”

Reach for special curling mousse if you want to create a pretty head of curls or stylishly flowing waves. Work the styling mousse through the towel-dry hair and simply allow it to air-dry or use a blow dryer with the diffuser attached. In case you decide to turn your straight hair into a head of curls or waves or give existing waves more bounce and definition, simply work a tennis ball-sized dollop of styling mousse through the lower length of your hair. Then blow-dry your hair but allow it to remain damp. Roll your hair onto curlers and use your blow dryer to warm them. Allow your hair to cool before removing the curlers. Use your fingers rather than a brush to shape the curls or waves. Dependent on the style (waves or curls), you may use a wide-toothed comb instead of your fingers.

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