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Photofacial IPL

Skin Rejuvenation

Our state of the art photo facial equipment can help to reduce and in many cases even remove age spots, sun damage and fine wrinkles safe and effectively!

Known as IPL or intense pulsed light, a beam of light is shot down into your skin penetrating deep underneath creating new collagen that pushes blemishes to the surface where they literally fall off before your eyes!

What skin disorders are treated with skin rejuvenation?

1.One very common skin problems of many “white” people is freckles. With skin rejuvenation, you can eliminate those nasty freckles in your face, neck, shoulders, chest, arms and legs.

2.Facial redness can also be remedied by this process and helps you get into a clearer, glowing and healthy even skin tone.

3.It helps reduce size of pores of the skin.

4.Accidentally broken capillaries can be restored using the skin rejuvenation.

5.It corrects sun spots and sun-burned skin.

6.No topical products are used in the process so there is very minimal chance for an onset of allergy.

7.It is anti-aging process – reduce pre-mature lines and wrinkles.

8.It makes your skin firm and your face contoured.

9.IPL does not cause any damage to the skin’s surface so there is no need for long recovery time. You can immediately apply make-up on your face an hour after.

10.With skin rejuvenation, a larger area coverage at one time treatment.

What are Realistic Expectations?

Noticeable differences in your skintone and pore size are immediately visible and your skin will feel smoother.  Results can be amplified by having a micro-dermabrasion before your skin rejuvenation prodedure.

Each Skin Rejuvenation procedure will result in the gradual lightening of the spots and redness.  Often they will get darker first, before sloughing off to reveal a lighter version underneath. You will need 5 treatments spaced 1 month between to have good effect.  1 treatment will not satisfy you and will not get you the results you are looking for. Once you have completed this course, you could do a treatment every few months to maintain.

The treatment effect may vary from one person to another. This is because people have different response to treatments and people do not have identical skin type. Whatever the case maybe, the bottom line remains constant – your skin will definitely improve. This is a better way of improving your skin – than use of skin care products which had no proven potency. Have your problematic skin be assessed for an skin rejuvenation treatment.

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・シミ、そばかす- 年齢とともに新陳代謝が衰え、色素が沈着してできるシミ・ソバカス。フォトフェイシャルの光で色素が沈着している部分が浮き上がり、数日後には皮膚の代謝でシミ・ソバカスが剥がれ落ちます。

・シワ- 目尻などの細かいシワにフォトフェイシャルは効果をもたらします。コラーゲン増生作用により、肌の内側からふっくらとハリが蘇ります。

・赤ら顔、血管拡張- 赤ら顔は、顔の毛細血管が広がって見える状態。フォトフェイシャルの光で肌表面に見える余分な血管がダメージを受け、赤ら顔の解消に効果をもたらします。

・ 毛穴の開き- 年齢とともに徐々に目立ってくる毛穴の開き。フォトフェイシャルは、開いた毛穴を引き締め、きめのととのった肌に近付けます。


光の刺激で肌トラブルを改善するというと、レーザー治療を連想される方もいらっしゃいますが、フォトフェイシャルの光はIPL®(Intense Pulsed Light)といってレーザーとはまったく違います。まるでカメラのフラッシュのようなやさしい光ですから、フォトフェイシャルは痛みもほとんどないマイルドなやさしい治療なのです。