These pictures are PIP & POP’s work who is the Artist from Australia.

Everything made by Beads,Toys,Color powder sands and Candy etc..

I love the Color of this art.

It is like a different world which is really girly style.

I hope someday in Vancouver we will have her art soon.


Neon-Candy-Formed-Floor-Installation-9Neon-Candy-Formed-Floor-Installation-8Neon-Candy-Formed-Floor-Installation-6 Neon-Candy-Formed-Floor-Installation-5 Neon-Candy-Formed-Floor-Installation-4 Neon-Candy-Formed-Floor-Installation-3 Neon-Candy-Formed-Floor-Installation-2






AOI Beauty Studio& Esthetics Ltd.


520 Beatty St,Vancouver,BC,Canada

Locate in Crosstown

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