AOI Scalp Cleansing (Head Spa)

※ AOI scalp cleansing effect, efficacy

(1) cleansing, nutrition                      
(Massage, quick blow dry, including styling)
It can not be cleansed with shampoo itself
remove dirt from scalp and pores, supply nutrition to the hair / scalp

(2) Heal Damage , Gloss Effect
The repair component (cationized PPT) adsorbs to hair damage
Silk PPT gives gloss texture

(3) blood circulation effect
It promotes blood circulation by doing massage at the same time,
Increase effectiveness

(4) Relaxation effect
By eliminating the massage effect and scalp, hair stains,
Why do not you make it a wonderful hair color while repairing the damage received in any hair situation? The stylist will carefully do consultation regarding your hair situation with you.



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