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 AOI Beauty Studio is authorized retailer of Schwartzkopf Professional.

Designer Cuts (incl. Wash & Style (Blow dry))*starting price (dep. length/thickness)
Men*Senior Stylist $60+Master Stylist $75+
Women*Senior Stylist $75+Master Stylist $90+ (ex. thickness/length $100+)
BangsSenior Stylist $15+ (washing not incl.)Master Stylist $25+ (washing not incl.)
Children (9 years & younger)Senior Stylist $55 (valid ID req.)Master Stylist $65+ (valid ID req.)
Student (10 – 12 years old)Senior Stylist $60+ (valid ID req.)Master Stylist $70+ (valid ID req.)
Style (Finishing)
Styling “Wash & Blow dry”Senior Stylist $55+ (hot tools +$5)
(with Color or Texturizing $40)
Master Stylist $65+ (hot tools +$5)
(with Color or Texturizing $50)
Set$110+Master Stylist $Quoted
Up Do$125+Master Stylist $Quoted
Color Enhancement by Schwarzkopf Professional ※ not incl. Wash & Style (Blow dry)
Retouch$85+Master Stylist $100+
Solid$100+Master Stylist $120+
Full Highlights$160+Master Stylist $185+
Accent Highlights
Painting in or foiling just a few highlights around your face
$125+Master Stylist $150+
Blonding$95+Master Stylist $115+
Ombre (single process)$165+Master Stylist $185+
Ombre+toning (or Balayage+toning)$235+Master Stylist $265+
Balayage+(Blonding+toning (more than double process)$285+Master Stylist $305+
Blonding+ Tone$200+Master Stylist $255+
Solid + Highlights$250+Master Stylist $285+
Eyebrow Tinting$38+Master Stylist (POA)
Color CorrectionDepending On Consultation (starting from $100+)Master Stylist (POA)
Ammonia-Free colorWe have the gentle Ammonia-Free color solution
by Schwarzkopf Professional.
Please feel free to ask us for more details.
Henna (non-chemical)$95+Master Stylist $110+
Texturizing ※ not incl. Wash & Style (Blow dry)
Permanent WaveQuotedMaster Stylist (Quoted)
AOI Japanese Permanent Wave (Japanese Products)$135+Master Stylist $155+
Specialty Wave$255+Master Stylist $275+
Bangs$60+Master Stylist $75+
Partial Texturizing (Japanese Products)$85+Master Stylist $105+
Hair Extensionscurrently not available
Treatment Services ※ not incl. Wash & Style (Blow dry)
Restructure Treatment
(3 step Protein Treatments<+Moroccan oil Treatment>)
$70+Master Stylist $85+
AOI Intensive Japanese Super Treatment (three process) ※ incl. Wash & Style (Blow dry)$115+Master Stylist (POA)
AOI Japanese Ionic Super Straightening ※ not incl. Trim or Haircuts
Bangs$150+Master Stylist $185+ (POA)
Partial$210+Master Stylist $245+ (POA)
Protein Treatments (washing not incl.)
(additional treatment)
$35+Master Stylist (Quoted)
AOI Japanese Hair Straightening (Japanese Ionic Super Straightening) ※ not incl. Trim or HaircutsAOI Hair Straightening System / Crystallizing or LiscioMaster Stylist’s Services (Quoted)
Hair LengthYou will need to measure the length of your hair
pulled tight from where your hair line starts on
your forehead to the bottom of the longest hair
on your back. Don’t forget to pull it tight and
straight. Please take the price for your hair length
as shown below and write it down.
Up to 10 inches (25 cm)AOI Japanese Ionic Super Straightening
(Pricing includes Protein treatment)
Extra thickness & Coarse wavy hair
(Starting Price) “Protein TR incl.”
From 10 inches (25 cm) to 14 inches (35 cm)$410+$435+
From 14 inches (35 cm) to 18 inches (45 cm)$435+$470+
From 18 inches (45 cm) to 22 inches (55 cm)$460+$495+
From 22 inches (55 cm) to 26 inches (65 cm)$485+$520+
From 26 inches (65 cm) to 30 inches (75 cm)$510+$555+
From 30 inches (75 cm) to 34 inches (85 cm)$535+$585+
From 34 inches (85 cm) to 38 inches (95 cm)$560+$Quoted
Over 38 inchesCall us or visit us for a private consult
as you have really, really Long hair! 
Hair VolumeWrap a flexible tape measure around your ponytail,
held tightly together. This will reveal how far around or
the circumference of your pony tail. You can do this with
a piece of string as well and then measure how long the
string is around your pony tail. Please take the amount of
extra charge for your hair volume and add it to the price
for Hair Length.
Circumference of up to 3 inches (7.5cm)No additional charge.
Circumference of 3 (7.5cm) to 4 inches (10 cm)$50~100+
Circumference of 4 inches (10 cm) to 5 inches (12.5 cm)$150
Circumference of 5 inches (12.5 cm) to 6 inches (15cm)$200
Circumference of 6 inches (15 cm) to 7 inches (18cm)$250
Circumference of 7 inches (18 cm) to 8 inches (21 cm)$300
Circumference of over 8 inchesCall us or visit us for a private consult
as you have really, really Thick hair! 
Hair TypeOur prices will work for all hair types
except African American hair.
Please understand that it is almost impossible to get
African American hair completely straight.
We can not guarantee
your hair will be completely straight, but take a look at our
pictures to see how well we know we can do for you.
African American hair takes a little more after care to keep
it straight.
If you think you have course
African American hair, you will need
to add the following to your price.
Use the same length as you did for
length calculation and add this amount
to your price based on your hair length.
Additional RequestRates are starting from depending on Hair Length,
Thickness and REQUESTED Stylist.
Please confirm the schedule for availability.
Master Stylist (POA)
AOI Japanese Eyelash ExtensionsQuoted (depending on hair volume)Please follow the link of “AOI Japanese Eyelash Extension”.
Scalp Cleansing$75+ (30 minutes)
includes Wash & Quick Dry-off
with additional blow dry(styling) or add 15minutes $85+
Lymph Facial Massage
(Lymph massage is a type of massage which is designed to promote the healthy flow of lymph. )
$75+ (50 minutes)
Optional Services
Wedding (Non-Mobile services)Currently not available $255+ (Pre-hair do & make up included.)Master Stylist (POA)
Eye brow design$28+
Recharge your skin with gentle effective microdermabrasion treatment with
diamond head.
Remove dry dead skin cells and stimulates collagen level
to make turnover faster resulting smooth younger looking skin.
For best results a series of 4 services is recommended.
Microdermabrasion Facial
Microdermabrasion Facial-Full face
Series of 4 (Buy 3 get 1 free)
Best Anti aging treatment technology Sience can ever offered!
Reduce fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles and age spots safe and effectively!
by RF Bi-Polar energy &IPL intense pulsed light.
A beam of light is shot down into your skin penetrating deep underneath
creating new collagen that pushes blemishes to the surface where
they literally fall off before your eyes!
Full Photo facial$295 (currently not available)
Medical Technology Best Anti Aging package
Combination of photo facial & Microdermabrasion package.
$395 (currently not available)
AOI Japanese Eyelash Extensions
It depends on how many extensions you want,
Please follow the link of “AOI Japanese Eyelash