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Designer cut

AOI’s “Precision Dry Cut”

We don’t just cut your hair.  Precision Dry Cut is one of our featuring hair cutting method
where you can only experience at AOI.

What is Precision Dry Cut?

Precision Dry Cut is one of the newest cutting technique the Japanese hair industries has recently come up with, and it was invented to maintain your beautiful hair with easy daily styling.  Just as it sounds, despite the ordinary hair cutting while our hair is wet with water sprays, with this Precision Dry Cut method, our AOI’s skillful stylists keep your hair completely dry while they cut your hair.  With the dry hair, our stylists can get to know more about your hair patterns, volume, and natural tendencies, thus, our stylists can come up with more details of what your hair tends to be while your hair is dry in your daily lives.  Needless to say, it isn’t a simple technique, and a lot of determination and training will be required to be able to achieve this Precision Dry Cut.  Our AOI’s skillful stylists are well trained and talented to perform this Precision Dry Cut, and we proudly recommend you to try out this new invention of ours where you can only experience at AOI.  The main feature technique required for this Precision Dry Cut is, our AOI stylists cut your hair taking piece by piece on certain areas which our stylists call it “creation of  the sculpture art” rather than boring look by cutting hair by bundles of it.

What is so good about Precision Dry Cut?

1. Your hair style tends to last longer (hopefully till your next visit of your hair cut).

Prior to the actual hair cut, we blow dry your hair and let it naturally settle down to determine how in a shape your dried hair will grow for the next couple of months.  After this determination, our stylists start cutting hair while keeping your hair completely dry tailoring to your hair texture, volume etc.  With this Precision Dry Cut technique, your hair will not only look beautiful while growing, but also helps your daily styling less hustle.

2. Your hair will look more beautiful in natural.

Usually people who want their hair to look lighter just get excessively thinning cut with thinning shears at ordinary salons, but what will happen is your hair will end up looking dried and damaged once your hair starts to grow later on.  With our featuring Dry Cut, because we cut your hair with detail oriented with limiting the usage of  the regular thinning shears to the minimal and use various different scissors for different cutting methods, your hair will look glossy and beautiful not only soon after the cut has been done, but in a longer time period.

3. Easy to reproduce.  Easy to take care.

Our AOI stylists’ cuts are all very precise, and they all care about how your hair will normally react after the hair cut has been done with us.  We all have got different texture, thickness, curliness of hair and that is what our stylists really pay attention to before the actual cutting will be in process.  Once you try our Precision Dry Cut, you will probably notice your hair styling at home will be  much easier for even those who aren’t good at blow drying and styling.

4. More “Move” on your hair styling

With the ordinary Wet Cut, stylists tend to cut your hair by bundles, and unfortunately that causes your hair end up boring and will often require a lot of time and skills to make your hair styling the way you want what we call the “Move”.  With our featuring Precision Dry Cut, because we cut your hair more like pierce by pierce, it will naturally make more texturized and smoothly “moved” effect even before you work on your hair styling at home.

Come and try our AOI Precision Dry Cut today!

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