Hair Extension – AOI Japanese braid technique

Hair Extensions – AOI Japanese braid technique


 Japanese Braid Technique Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions with Real Hair.  Have you been considering giving it a try?  If you have already had Hair Extensions done in the past or are considering them in the future, come and see us Today!  We use the latest Japanese Braid Technique for doing Hair Extensions and we only use Real Hair hair extensions

What are Japanese Braid Technique Hair Extensions?

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These are not the glue technique like cheaper Hair Extensions that fall out quickly after having them put in, and hurt when you sleep on them.

These are not the weave technique where a whole section of hair is stuck to your head at once in order to save time.

The Japanese Braid Technique is done with a little elastic thread, some other places use this technique as well, but not with the Japanese Braid Technique.  The Japanese Braid Hair Extension Technique has a number of Excellent Advantages.

It hurts less having the Japanese Braid Technique Hair Extensions put in, while you sleep with them, and taking them out.  Less Pain!  The Japanese Braid Technique for Hair Extensions last longer, and stays looking better longer. How is that for an advantage? Make that investment in your personal style Last Longer!

The Japanese Braid Technique for Hair Extensions makes taking the Hair Extensions out much easier and Without Damaging Your Hair.  Other Hair Extension techniques can leave your hair severely damaged when you get them removed.


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Our Japanese Braid Technique is different!! Your Extensions will Last Longer, Look Better, Provide a Less Painful Experience, and No Damage will occur when you remove them.  You will not lose sleep after having the Japanese Braid Technique Hair Extensions put in!

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