New 2012 summer make up!

Hi, everyone!

This is it, it’s finally year 2012 and you will find out what are the best makeup ideas for 2012. You will want to look good, you will want to look sexy and attractive, because the year 2012 is the year of new fashion, new styles, where you can choose how you want to look! Some of the best makeup ideas are:

   Best make-up Ideas For 2012!!

Choose a good foundation! For the best effects on your makeup, you should use lighter color one!

Use a natural and pink color on your lips. This is a simple make-up style!!



Find a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your skin and apply in an upside down triangle shape underneath your eyes. Blend well. You can apply some of this on your whole lid, up to the eyebrow. It will make you look more awake.


I suggest you skip eyeshadow if doing a more natural look but if you can’t just use neutrals like pink beige, tans, light browns ! Use foundation and concealer that are the exact same as your skin tone.

Don’t go heavy on the blush. A tiny bit of highlighter is okay. It recommend to apply a pink cheek blush:)



Let’s try to make a natural make-up! I would try it tomorrow!;)



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