It is time to get Hair laser removal !!

Have you ever got hair laser removal before?

It is time to get hair laser removal in this winter!!!

First as the Elos technology we use is one of the only to use a double punch technology, you will have shot of RF sent into the skin warming up the follicle so the following laser hit will be much more effective at damaging and killing the follicle in one blest.

The RF is the secret to allowing more varied skin types and hair colors to still be effectively removed by your AOI technician without needing to increase the laser hit to an unsafe and potentially burning level.

Studies on pure laser only machines have shown that suitable candidates can see a hair follicle count reduction of 40% to 80%!! Results vary from person to person, but these results can not be achieved with one treatment. Multiple treatments are required to prolong duration and increase amount of hair removal.

We have a special promotion!!!

Underarm – $50 (For one treatment)

Bikini Line – $80 (For one treatment)

Lower leg – $150 (For one treatment)


We do a FREE consultation for hair laser removal and do the test:) Please feel free to ask us anytime!!

Open hours: Mon- Sun 11am_8pm




AOI Beauty Studio & Esthetics Ltd.

Vancouver, B.C V6B 2L3


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