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The heat of the blow-dryer, styling tools but also environmental conditions may lead to hair problems. Stressed hair is dry, brittle, and fragile and it also tends to develop split ends. The best hair care tips for your stressed hair from professional treatments against split ends to the special cure for stressed hair in the privacy of your home.

Your hair may be damaged but also fine and smooth. In this case, liquids with keratin are the perfect repair solution. The keratin homes in on the damaged structures in the hair where it naturally fits. In this way, the keratin fills in and re-aligns the hair structure. Shinier hair is the immediate result. New products contain three-times more keratin than the older ones. They are therefore are boon for down and out hair.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Save Spray Conditioner is a  lightweight leave in spray conditioner for daily maintenance and protection of normal to fine textured hair.

– Light emulsion spray that smoothes, enhances shine and does not overburden the hair
– A high concentration of a special UV filter prevents colour fade and protects the hair against UV rays
– Provides long lasting colour intensity
– White phase provides UV protection and care
– Pink phase provides care and improved combability

Directions: Shake well to mix the two phases then spray onto shampooed, towel-dried hair. Comb, leave in and style as normal. Alternatively, shake well then spray a small amount onto dry hair between shampoos.Bonacure Color Spray Conditioner is perfect for colour maintenance of any hair type or style, where intense but lightweight colour save care is needed.

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