True Beauty is Timeless..

This time I am trying to introduce our products. Winter just has come and it is super cold,then hair gets frizzy and dry.

so it needs to be maintained by some moisturizers!

BC TIME RESTORE helps repair the signs of aging and return hair to its natural, youthful beauty. NEW Q10-PLUS-COMPLEX stimulates the production of vital keratins that would otherwise have been lost over time hair – making true beauty timeless.  

Enjoy the lavish creamy textures and rich aromas in the complete range of care as well as BRAND NEW STYLING PRODUCTS, all especially designed to meet the needs of maturing hair.

Please come visit and check it! If you have any question, just let us know!


AOI Beauty Studio & Esthetics Ltd.              604-688-2122      520 Beatty St. Vancouver BC        Located in Crosstown

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