Is your hair frizzy or too wavy? Get a Straight hair by Thermal Reconditioning!

Hi, We are still missing Sunshine and the weather in Vancouver has been still raining very much…

When it is very wet, or so much humidities around, hair get frizziness and wavy so much, so we highly recommend getting Japanese Straightening done!

Shiseido Creator Japanese Hair Straightening is an innovative new technique from Japan to make frizzy, curly or wavy hair completely straight while preserving the hair’s health.   In the past, people were concerned that if they straightened their hair, they would damage it significantly, and this was true.  It is not true any more.  Hair can be straightened much more effectively with the Japanese Shiseido Creator techniques with much less damage to the hair.

Japanese Hair Straightening typically will improve the hair’s feel, softness and shine while making it more manageable!

What  Japanese Hair Straightening and its History? The first question we are usually asked about Japanese Hair Straightening (also called Thermal Reconditioning) is “Why do the Japanese need to have their Hair Straightened? They already have straight hair!” Actually this is just not true.  Many Japanese have wavy or kinky hair.

We do a FREE consultation for Japanese hair straightening.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free give us a call anytime!! 604-688-2122 (Open hours: Mon- Sun/ 11am-8pm)


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